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We are direct marketing experts who know that success comes from establishing long-term partnerships based on trust, accountability, honesty and integrity. We understand successful direct marketing campaigns are built upon a strategic foundation of data, offer, creative and an expertise in testing and honing campaigns to maximize results. We commit to each client our absolute best, which is measured in response, lead conversion and retention. As a multi-faceted, full-service agency, we embrace all direct marketing channels — direct mail, email, web,direct selling and social media — to best achieve success.

The bottom line: We generate qualified responses at a low cost per lead. The results are tested, tried and true. We'll make your life easier and company more successful. Get back to business with Dee Jhons Media.


Indirect Marketing Services

Dee Jhons Media promote the clients products & services through indirect marketing beacuse Indirect marketing is a way for a business to market their product, idea, or service without having to use the methods of SPAM or direct advertising and marketing.The idea behind indirect marketing is instead of sending a message out to your target market directly, just send them something like a friend request, or a vote, or a digg, or anything to get their attention. Once they see who you are and go to find out more about you, they then see your advertisement or links to places you want them to go. If you give them more incentive to interact with you, they will be more likely to do so. One thing I do to get people to click on my profile is make an interesting profile name that appeals to my target market. One of the main ideas is that you should not appear as if you are a marketer. At the least, it should be questionable to your viewers whether or not you are marketing the things that you are providing links to. This is, of course, optional, but I've seen better results posting on a profile as some girl rather than posting as my actual company.

We'll make your life easier and company more successful. Get back to business with Dee Jhons Media.


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