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BTL Services





BTL Services

Dee Jhons Media being a BTL Services Company is a team of professional people, with passion, pedigree and personality to bring added value to every part of your business and real benefit to your bottom line. Dee Jhons Media specialized in providing full range of BTL (Below-the Line) services.

We Serve

Work activities

  • Retail Audit Surveys
  • Mystery Shopping Programs
  • Merchandising
  • Sampling
  • Media Services
  • Promotions
  • Road Shows
  • Fabrication And Installation Of Displays
  • POSM & Gifts Production

Mystery Shopping Programs

The main goals of any MSP include information gathering, knowledge, and strategic business intelligence. MSP feedback is a critical tool for any brand manager looking for sustained product growth & sales.

Most Used By Those Who

1. Need quick information about themselves or their competition to meet a specific short-term goal

2. Have a limited budget

3. Desire to test the proficiency of secret shopping and a vendor's performance before proceeding

4. Acquire data on an ongoing basis, but it is not used for behavior modification.




Dedicated Dee Jhons Media Field Officers provide Merchandising services. Distribution and installation of Point of Sale material is done professionally depending on each stores requirement. Branding is mostly useful for new product launches and promotions.

Dee Jhons Media provides smart branding by focusing on what is needed in each outlet and placing the POSM in its appropriate location maximizing brand visibility. Dedicated teams are assigned to new clients. In order to maintain a strong presence in the market continuous branding and maintenance needs to take place



Dee Jhons Media provides clients with trained professionals who will cater to there needs by sampling the products with a smile! A sure way to market any new product.

Sampling is an integral part of any brand plan. Not only does it seek to convert tries into buyers but, it also encourages usage by existing customers.We provide accurate feedback & recommendations to clients on how best to improve campaign effectiveness


Media Services

The Dee Jhons Media network is the largest in Kuwait covering Co-ops, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.

The in-store network is at the heart of Dee Jhons Media's Media portfolio. However the Dee Jhons Media network also covers the Grocery channel, Malls, Washrooms, Shisha parks, and Pharmacy channels.

Dee Jhons Media has developed, refined and implemented various media platforms throughout Pakistan.


Road shows

Dee Jhons Media designs & manages all Road Shows from A to Z. From negotiating shopping mall prices to analyzing the effectives of the show, Dee Jhons Media offers a complete solution and handles all related project management.Dee Jhons Media executes promotional programs for all business and trade channels.We help you reach your target market in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Vehicles Branding

Reaching thousands of people every day, vehicle and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service.
Through its innovative in-house design department, Dee Jhons Media is able to conceptualise a brand new design or alternatively we can take an existing design and roll it out over an entire fleet of vehicles.

Utilising the latest technology and high quality materials, a simple creative concept or branding idea is transformed into an artwork of uncompromising quality, ready to be applied to clients’ vehicles. In addition, our in-house project management, finishing and application teams’ co-ordinate and guarantee that the entire branding process is handled seamlessly and professionally ensuring that vehicles are off of the road for the shortest possible time.

Fleet Branding

Your fleet is one of your most visible and important marketing tools providing you with large-scale, mobile advertising space at no cost. If you owned billboard space, surely you would not leave this space blank? In addition to enhancing you corporate identity through branding standardisation and consistency, branding your fleet you will afford you the opportunity of large-scale brand and product awareness totally rent-free.

G Frame

The very latest truck branding innovation, this PVC / mesh graphic tensioning system has been specifically-designed for brands that require multiple advertising graphic changes on a regular basis. This user-friendly new advertising medium means that creative executions can be self- installed and graphics changed as often as desired. This relatively new product offering already has a large client following with the likes of Nestlé, Rainbow, Spur Steak Ranches and Afrisam all having successfully implemented it on their fleets.

Truck Branding

AMPS 2010 rated truck advertising as the second most effective form of outdoor media. This mobile advertising medium is recognised as one of the most powerful advertising spaces in South African advertising, providing impactful and far-reaching exposure for your product or brand. Why not take advantage of this free advertising space on your very own company trucks and put your brand on the road, ensuring large-scale awareness and interest wherever your vehicles may go.

Bus Branding This huge undertaking afforded us the opportunity to demonstrate our bus-branding skills, ensuring that our teams are truly the experts in their field and are able to brand your bus in the shortest time possible.

Delivery Vans and Cars

No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression value than vehicle branding. Whether you have delivery vehicles or a sales fleet on the road each day these vehicles provide a valuable opportunity for you to generate awareness about your brand or product and create a positive image for your company. Every second that a branded vehicle spends in the traffic is quality marketing time and your sales force will literally be driving around in their business card! In addition to this unique advertising opportunity, branded vehicles are known to instill a sense of company pride amongst staff and drivers.

fabrication -installation

Fabrication And Installation Of Displays

Fabrication and instalation of any kind of presentation is first priority to develop and promte the business.It needs professional work so that next all steps of event management leave positive effect on visitors and customers.


Posm And Gift Production

1. Graphics design, 3D, website & Multimedia

- Brand identity 

- POSM concept developping: Leaflet, catalogue, brochure, wobbler, banner, display items...

- 3D perspective

- Web design 

- Multimedia 

2. Production

- Gift production (T-shirt, backpack, umbrella, raincoat, thermal thumbler...)

- Paper printing

- Digital printing (hiflex, PP...)

- Foamex / Acrylic display items 

- Booth production for showroom, exhibition...





Dee Jhons Media has established a substantial Promotions department covering Entire Lahore markets.

A variety of promoters, hostesses and models are provided constantly to support major brands.

Dee Jhons Media's expertise extends throughout all platforms and Government processes ensuring highly impactful & successful campaigns.


Retail Audit Survey

  • Dee Jhons Media acts as an extended arm to your marketing department. With dedicated professionals at your service, thousands of stores can be covered in short periods of time. This will not only allow clients to focus on the core business, but will give them the ability to have up to date data to help make effective changes.

    Dee Jhons Media have dedicated guys for the store check audits due to which have strong relations with all trade channels.

    Dee Jhons Media delivers actual information on Shelf Activity in a time sensitive manner. We report on SKU availability, price, promotions, competitor activity and we deliver on-line real-time images of what is happening in key outlets across the region. The service is unique in that instant market information allows decision makers to respond immediately to changing market dynamics.

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Video Ad Making

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Cable Media

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Outdoor Media

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Models Promotion

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Designing & Printing

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Print Media

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Event Management

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Exhibitions Management

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BTL Services

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Direct & Indirect Marketing

Direct & indirect marketing is the backboon of any organization...

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SMS Marketing

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Media Consultancy

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PR Services

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Web Designing

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Online Marketing

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