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Media Outreach Medias like newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels – remains the principal channel of communication to reach the largest number of people, or target audiences. And now increasingly online media – websites, blogs, Face book, Twitter,Linkedin and still others – is being added to the media array that PR utilizes for disseminating key messaging and creating widespread public awareness.
  • Monitoring of print media publications that include English & Urdu languages daily newspapers, eveningers and weeklies and monthly publications
  • Monitoring of specified online news websites
  • Writing and dissemination of press releases, photo releases and articles
  • Arranging of interviews, media briefings and press conferences
  • Strategic Writing PR is essentially the art of communicating effectively. Strategic writing is putting that communication into words in a manner that the audience takes away clear messages. Strategic writing serves to inform, educate, persuade, motivate, inspire and activate.   Creative Design Whether it is a project, a campaign or a regular publication, Dee Jhons Media has in-house creative design capability to design a range of materials, including advertorials, backdrops, banners, brochures, buntings, corporate identity design, flyers, invitation cards, logos, name cards, newspaper supplements, posters, press-kit folders, publications, reports and other materials.  
  • Event Management From a PR perspective, an event too is a channel of communication. The audience may number from a few score to several thousands. But it is always a captive audience. While it is of course vital that the event execution or logistical management is superlative, it is even more important that the event succeeds in its principal objective for which it was organized – the dissemination of certain key messages.  
  • Issue & Crisis Management A crisis is any occurrence or incident that negatively affects either the image or the business of the company or, as is most often, both. Often a crisis will start off as an issue and if the issue is not handled properly or timely, it can quickly develop into a full blown crisis with long-lasting adverse impact. Proactive PR does not wait for a crisis to happen. Dee Jhons Media supports its client in pre-emptive crisis planning that reduces the risk of a crisis becoming a company-destroying catastrophe. The planning includes spokesperson training and a comprehensive crisis management and communication plan  
  • Government Relations The government at different levels – local, provincial and federal – affects the business of our clients in one way or another. As such the government is an important target audience as far as the PR strategy is concerned and Dee Jhons Media offers strategic advice and assistance in establishing good relations with the government and in pursuing matters that need PR support.  
  • Community Relations Today, more than ever before, the larger community has become an important target audience for all businesses. The image of a company is visibly strengthened, reflecting in business growth, when a company is perceived as sensitive and responsive to the needs of the community it operates within. Dee Jhons Media works on the principal of supporting its clients become good corporate citizens through conceptualizing and executing strategies for developing and sustaining strong relations with local communities. CSR & Sustainability As a communications and public relations agency, Dee Jhons Media is primarily concerned with reputation management of its clients and building strong, long-term relations between the clients and their target audiences. We believe that CSR or sustainability practices play a critical role for a company’s sustainable growth of both business and reputation  
  • We believe in proactive working style that provides the best serivces with clear vision. So contact us to get even more from ur expectations.

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